Dear SBN Community,

We want to make sure the initiatives of SBN are affordably accessible to one and all.  The current SBN operating budget includes outreach initiatives, scholarships, program development, technological infrastructure, and legal filings.  We are relying on many sources--including membership, gifts, grants, corporate contributions--to meet these expenses.  As noted Membership is critical among them.  Does SBN hope individuals will pay as generously as they can? Of course! Without your generosity, we might never expand to produce the collaborative initiatives and engaging public education programs we have in store.  

We are truly proud of our commitment to both scholarship and accessibility. We know we can count on your support--as Members and friends, and as people who understand the importance of Black neuropsychology to the scientific community and the public.  After much discussion with our Advisory and Executive Board, we have moved membership fees to a suggestion donation.  In this way, individuals who are unable to afford membership will still be able to partake of the future opportunities and those who want to support on a financial level can feel free to write in the amount they would like to give.  We hope that in the coming months you find much value out of your membership and out of being a part of the community of SBN!

Student Members


Individuals enrolled full or part-time in a course of study leading to a graduate degree in psychology from an accredited university are eligible for Student membership. Post-doctoral trainees are considered student members.

Affiliate Members


These non-voting members do not meet the eligibility requirements of other levels of membership (e.g., community members),  but have shown a sincere determination to take part in the core objectives and the mission of SBN.

Associate Members


This membership level includes persons who have completed a doctoral degree and are not post doctoral trainees but do not yet meet the professional level requirements.

Professional Members


These members shall have an accredited doctoral degree (Ph.D., Psy.D., D.Phil, etc.) in either psychology or clinical psychology with three years professional experience, two of which shall be been completed post-doctoral, with licensure or certification to practice in their state or province; or a medical degree (M.D., D.O., etc.) specializing in neurology, neuropsychiatry, or its equivalent if international, so long as the degree, specialization and licensure/certification allows them to practice in their own country.


Needs Based

Discounts for Membership in High-Middle, Low-Middle, and Low-Income countries are based on a percentage of the dues for members in High Income Countries using World Bank Country Income classification. Adjusted amounts will be rounded to the nearest USD.

Institutional Partners


Psychology or related programs of study/training programs with an interest in expanding the field of Black /cultural neuropsychology, in general.

Corporate Partners


  • Corporate Partners:  A corporate member shall be a business interested in the field of Black/BIPOC neuropsychology. Corporate members may note this status in their publications only so long as they do not represent this membership as indicating any form of quality assurance or endorsement, approval in any form of their activities, or as any indicating of the special status of their activities or programs.

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